I'm Taken Charge! Secret Santa, Who's In????

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Tri Tip

Head Chef
Jan 30, 2010
Costa Mesa CA
Spoke with Lew briefly, doesn’t look like he’s going to participate. So I’ll step up. This was tons of fun last year!

1. Reply to this post if you want to participate.

2. I’ll need to pass your address on to your secret Santa. PM your address.

3. Like last year, gifts should be at least $20, above that is up to you.

4. On December 11th I’ll put all the names in a hat and pair them up randomly. I’ll PM each person and let you know where to send your secret santa gift.

Have Fun! Merry Christmas! Mike.
Nick Prochilo said:
Uhmmmm, I'm no mathematician here, but you don't need an even number! ;)

That's true. I was going to pair up like lew did so an even # would be needed. But with an odd #. I figured it out.
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