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taxy, it was always my understanding the kielbasa was a cooked sausage. I had always thought of it as a type of luncheon sausage or in that category. It was only a couple of years ago that I discovered you could even get it uncooked. It was usually only found at smaller butcher's in their meat display case along with breakfast and dinner sausages, the ones they made themselves.

You will know which they are when you find them, cooked are solid and firm and raw is soft and squishy.
Yeah, I know that the raw one would be soft and squishy and the cooked one would be solid and firm. I haven't figured out how to feel up the products over the internet. I got this with an internet grocery order. I wouldn't have gotten fooled in the brick and mortar store.
I just thought I should warn you. I recently bought some duBreton kielbasa. It was already cooked. It was made in the US. It was not very good. It was edible, so we are trying to finish it off before it goes bad. We won't be getting that again.
Thanks for the tip! I don't think I've seen their kielbasa here, sausages, ground pork & bacon. I get kielbasa at the German or Russian deli, seems to be made at the same local manufacturer, no labels, expensive and either turkey or pork, really good and apparently authentic, according to my Slovak son-in-law & German pals.

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