Is 11inch stock pot safe on 7inch electric hob?

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Oct 2, 2018
Hi guys

I recently bought a marvellous stock pot to do some batch cooking for my wife and daughter. It's gigantic - 11 inches in diameter to be exact - but our electric hob is only 7 inches in diameter. I'm worried the stock pot is too big for the hob and that the food will not cook through properly. I have looked into getting a heat diffuser plate but none of these is big enough. Thoughts? Is it safe to cook as is?
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Yes, it's safe. The heat from the burner causes movement in the liquid which helps circulate the heat evenly. No worrys. I use a 20-quart stockpot that's about the same diameter as yours to make chicken stock. There is no issue cooking with it at all.
It is not ideal, but it is perfectly safe. Food in a stock pot is generally cooked for a long time, so it will heat all the way through. I would suggest you stir the pot on a regular basis, but that is good to do even if your cooking surface is as big as the bottom of the pot.

By the way, whatcha' cooking? We like to know that kind of stuff.

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Thanks guys! I'm cooking a massive batch of bolognese...

That sounds good...

A couple of years ago I took a cooking class from a local Italian chef I admire.. We ate in his restaurant often..

He had 6 of us lined up at the stoves in the high school culinary arts kitchen..

We followed his great instructions and each had a huge batch of bolognese to bottle, take home and freeze.. I could never figure how to pare the recipe down so, I never made it again.. :LOL:

It was, certainly a fun experience though.. :)

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