Is it better to grill eggplants on the coals or on the net above it?

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I think it is personal preference plus what do you have available. I do not have coal grill, mine is gas.
If you don't want ash and possibly small pieces of charcoal to stick to your eggplant, I would say to put the pieces on the grill grate (net). If you are grilling the eggplant whole, with the skin on, then, it is probably quicker to do it directly on the charcoal.
Juicy and tender aubergines cooked with herbs, garlic and olive oil en papillote on the grill will be a real delight for lovers of healthy vegetables!

On the net. At least around here this is the norm. The only thing that can go directly on the coals when barbecuing are the potatoes. Plus, a huge improvement in taste for barbecued eggplants is to peel them off as soon as possible (burning hot) and not letting them stay cooked in their peel too long, (They will develop a slightly bitter taste and "rubberized" texture) + never rinse them directly under water once cooked. Only rinse your hands, but not the eggplant directly, it will retain even more water and wash off the taste. (If you roast them whole)
Idk, probably to remove the burnt peel easier? I mean what reason would a person have to rinse an eggplant if not for that?

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