Black garlic-how is it fermented?

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Apr 24, 2022
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I was recently asked if I "grew" black garlic. Having never heard of black garlic, I looked it up and found it is regular garlic, fermented.
Can anyone tell me how to ferment garlic to make black garlic? I looked on the 'net and did not find any instructions, just health benefits and the definition.
I am curious to find out how it's fermented. I bought some through my produce basket place. This is what they write about it, "Field-grown garlic fermented in seawater. Will keep up to 12 months in the fridge."

Lufa Farms - Black Garlic
I thought of making it but I wouldn't want to use my dehydrator or any other electric appliance just for black garlic because it takes a few weeks to a month.
I'd love to hear about anyone that does make it.
I thought about doing that in my small oven with the pilot light, increasing the size of the pilot until the bottom of the oven got hot enough. The air temp in that oven is about 120°f, but the floor of the oven is to hot to touch, due to the pilot light.
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What do you use black garlic in or for?
The first time I had it was in a restaurant in Charleston, SC. It was mixed with aioli and served with a fish dish. It has an intensely savory flavor.

It isn't really fermented, btw. The flavor comes from the Maillard reaction, where proteins and sugars are browned and that browning creates lots of complex chemicals.
That is interesting and really cool. ( I love the folding proofer). As much as I'd love to try it, I have no other real reason for the proofer other than this and don't want to tie up my dehydrator for a month ( or burn it out). That being said, knowing me, my curiosity will get the better of me and I'll break down and try it. Kinda like when I didn't want to use lye to cure green olives , and I ultimately did.

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