Is it possible for a non - stick ceramic pan to regain its not - stickability ?

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Dec 25, 2006
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I have a ceramic non stick pan for a few years. I really love the way it feels, cooks, retains heat .... We used it multiple times a week for a year or two. Over time, it started to lose its non stick quality. It wasn't terrible, but definitely not as good as when we first got it. I still used the pan, just not in situations where I knew things would stick.

A few weeks ago, I decided to use it in a situation where I preferred a non stick pan ( due to its size, high sides and ability to retain heat. There were no issues at all of anything sticking to the pan. I have used it several more times with no issues. So either my wife bought me a new pan and pulled a switchy without me knowing, or the surface regenerated its non stick quality. Is this possible ? I mean , I guess it is since it happened to me.
jieepers Andy!.... you really know how to deflate a dragn's puff of smoke, don't yah...
Larry, you really have to post a picture. I have no idea what a "ceramic non-stick pan" would look like.

They are along the lines of a Le Creuset coated cast-iron pan. A lot of them are lighter in weight, and they look and feel like a traditional non-stick pan.

They use a ceramic coating in place of a PTFE type coating for a non-stick surface.

The only pics I have of the pan has food in it. The last dish is a Tofu "Chorizo". If anything was going to stick, this would have been it, and nothing.


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I can certainly see why you like it. I've actually slowly been changing several things I cook due to non-stick. Sure takes the scrubbing away.

Just saw your next post.... do you need my address? I can PM you.

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