It's been a challenging day.

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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
I woke up abiout 15 minutes late, which under normal circumstances wouldn't have been a big deal. 20 inutes in the bathroom set me back a bit more. getting the blister pack with my meds took longer than usual. So then, I was ready to drive to dialysis. I went to the vehicle, and all doors were frozen shut. I couldn't get any of them open. After several minutes, I was able to flag down a vehicle. The driver was a 30-something male. He got the door open. I hopped in, started the vehicle, and the windshield wipers were frozen. Ten minutes later, they thawed enough to work. I drove to dialysis, and was 30 minutes late. Afterwards, I went back out to the Toyota , and found the battery dead. The passenger side front door had opened just enough when I was trying to open any door earlier, to turn on the dome light. I was able toi get assistance from the hospital, and got the jump I needed to start the Toyota. I drove home, picked up my youngest grandson, and took him to his gym activity. I put gas in the 4-runner, and now have to pick him up in about 20 minutes, and take his older brother to his wrestling activity. I hope he rest of today will be easier. It's just been one of those days.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
Lot a lot. Google maps took me to the wrong place when I was trying to find the building where the wrestling practice was supposed to be. But I found the correct place, and on time. And now, though I am in bad need of sleep, I've been laying in bed for the past 2 hours, unable to lapse into slumber. So, I just ate some hot dinner, hoping it will help me fall asleep. Tomorrow's gotta be easier.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
{{Hugs}} from me too Chief. Do as little as possible today.

Sending a couple of dragonettes to do those mundane jobs.
If they start to slack off, flick a few peanuts in the air to excite them - but only a few! With the promise of more they'll work faster! Plus it can be entertaining to watch them... :D

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