Jerky lession the hard way

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big dude

Sous Chef
Feb 26, 2008
Greenback, Tn
Just finished putting the cure and seasoning on a carved up venison ham. What a job - that thing must have 20 musceles runing in different directions with a high level of silver skin and other connective tissue. Now I know why I've never seen a jerky recipe that starts out by saying "get a fresh deer ham and...." It's backstrap or nothing for any more venison jerky.
It just a case of manuel labor. Cut on through there and they can spit out the silver skin if they don't like it. Now if it got fat on it don't use the fat. Supposedly deer fat turns rancid. Course Texican Bambis aint got no fat so no worry about that. They built about like a greyhound so to evade all the blood thirsty sportsmen/wimmen/chillins. Now if these poor innocent creatures was slain in Colorada they will have fat. Think it must get cold up there or something and it some of preservation method which the Good Lord hath bestowed on the critters from that geography to stay warm. That must be why they are so dumb too. When up in that part of the world I normally just sneak up behind them and stick the index finger up the rectum. You may have to run along with em for a while till you can crook the finger and bring them to a grinding halt. See where I'm headed here? Get the finger crooked at the knuckle they will alto. Now with Texas deer a person needs a gun and a spotlight.


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