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Oct 4, 2004
Don't want to get into anything controversial about Ms. Stewart, but has anyone noticed...

I have cable, & watch foodtv & style network. Shortly prior to Ms. Stewart's problems, noticed both cable stations are inundated with Martha. It bugs me because I feel there should be a limit on one person repeatedly being aired on 2 paid cable stations. It might lead one to think the stations may have been offered a lot of money to do so & may convey a negative image of both Ms. Stewart, cable co. & to viewers. I was unable to locate an email address for both stations to air my observations. Any thoughts?
Mish, I like Martha and watch her almost every day. I do not think they would air her show if no one watched. I am not aware of two stations, I only know STYLE picked it up when ABC dropped her, I guess the other would be FTV (almost forgot about them). There are some picutures, I guess on her web page, of the inside of the place where she is. I saw her daughter on Larry King the other night and it sounds as though she is doing as well as can be expected, but she does not like the food, dah. NO one would like the food in a federal institution.
I don't know how many cable channels Martha was on - but I think in my area it was 3. Of course, she is gone off FoodTV ... but I think Martha Stewart Living is still alive on two others ... but it might just be one. Honestly - I don't care and thus don't pay that much attention .....
here in nyc, there has been some coverage of maatha's incarceration, but not like some stories get, not overkill. i guess no one is all that upset about what she did. it happens every day anyway...
my thoughts on the whole matter?
it's all about the $$$$. the networks are probably playing on all of the media coverage martha is getting right now and hoping to boost thier ratings and gain more viewers.
just my humble opinion.
i don't much mind; martha is awesome. even if she IS a greedy money grubber.

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