Just got my Edge Pro Professional!

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Rob Babcock

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Dec 23, 2004
Big Sky Country
Well, as much as I've loved and enjoyed my Edge Pro Apex, I finally took the plunge and ordered Ben's top model, the Professional. Today it showed up on my doorstep. In a half hour or so I'll try it out, but I can already say I made the right choice! The Apex is a great little Timex, solid & dependable...but the Pro is a Rolex! Built like a tank and rediculously over-engineered, the Pro exudes quality, maybe even luxury! It's a serious machine.

For those who've never seen them together for scale, check out the pics.

Apex on left, Pro on right- 1

Apex on left, Pro on right- 2

Professional Model, all set up & ready to sharpen!
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I just finished sharpening the first knife on the Professional Model; it was a 10" Messermeister Chef's Knife belonging to a cook I work with. Overall I'm very happy with the Pro! It feels a bit different, maybe like driving a Firebird then getting a Camaro SS. The whole thing is rock solid, which is nice, but it takes some getting used to. Part of the feedback of the Apex came from feeling the legs flex- if you were flexing them you back off the pressure a tad. The Pro is very smooth, with a bit more travel to the arm. Being able to use the stone all the way off the end is nice, but again I have to change my habit of pulling up on my stroke as I near the end. A bit of muscle memory to relearn, but the basics are 85% the same.

So far I'm very pleased with my Pro, but I'm eager to sharpen a little better knife.

That looks allot better now :)...

Do you wet every stone while sharpening a knife? I didn't use water on mine. Now I see the idea of a cookie sheet.

I bet it is a big difference in feel form the Apex.
Waterstones are meant to be used wet (hence the name!:ROFLMAO:). You will find they cut much, much better if you soak them briefly in room temp water, then periodically re-wet them while sharpening. That's what the little plastic bottle included in the kit is for. A cookie sheet under the Apex serves two purposes: 1) It gives the suction cups something to get a good grip on and 2) it catches water & swarf (the metal/stone slurry produced during sharpening), making cleanup a lot simpler & easier.

The Pro has a more solid feel but it won't get a knife any sharper than the Apex will. I love my new Pro but the Apex is a terrific tool for the money.

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