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Dec 8, 2004
I have been charged with having Christmas for 16 this year. While I have had parties much larger I have never cooked lamb. I plan on cooking 2 legs of about 15 pounds total in the gas grill since i will need my oven for other dishes. I was thinking of de-boning them and roasting them on a riotisserie. My marinade would be garlic, canola oil, and other dry seasonings. What do you all think of this method and how long should I cook the lamb per pound and at what temp?

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I am eagerly awaiting to read a response on this one. I don't cook rotisserie but I have cooked many very large legs of lamb, bone in and boneless in the oven very successfully. My GUESS is that each is about 7-8lbs since you are making 2. You might have to brown it first for a few minutes on the grill before putting it on a rotisserie. I'll be watching this post!!!!!
Actually, I have one large 10 pound leg and one 5 pound leg. I was thinking of doing each leg a bit different but what if people like the smaller one better. I may keep the 5 pounder with the bone in just to help prolong the cooking time since I have 2 different sizes.

I figured I would have to brown it first on the grates of the grill. This should help keep the juices sealed in. I do know that lamb is notorious for wanting to flare up on the grill.

I was also thinking of adding some applewood or cherrywood to the smoker box for a little added flavor. Also make a seasoned pouch with rosemary and other herbs.

All these things floating in my head :shock: . I just need to pick one or two and go with it.
Found a little bit of info for you. For a 7-8 lb leg about 2 hours over medium heat, 140F for rare and 160F for medium. Rainee, our resident BBQ expert, will most likely be able to answer your question! :)
We love lamb, and here's a couple of versions of leg of lamb that we cook on the rotisserie. The first recipe develops a crust when rotisseried.

Marinate the roast for 6 to 24 hours in garlic marinade, using olive oil, red wine vinegar, minced garlic, a little salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Make a paste of garlic cloves, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme leaves, salt freshly ground pepper and olive oil. Smear the past over the lamb, covering the entire surface.

Load the roast onto the rotisserie and cook for 15 minutes per pound for medium or until a meat thermometer reads 155 degrees.
The next is Mediterranean style, with lemon, garlic and rosemary.

Grated lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, lots of garlic cloves, fresh rosemary, salt and freshly ground black pepper. These are the marinade ingredients.

Untie the deboned leg of lamb and marinate in the above ingredients for 6 to 12 hours.

Drain the lamb, pat dry, roll it back up and tie with cotton string. Load it onto the rotisserie and cook 15 minutes per pound for medium or 'til 155 degrees.
Canola oil?! Noooooooo! Olive oil is where its at.

Cut little pockets randomly in the skin and insert halved or whole cloves of garlic and smear the sking with lemon zest, juice, chopped rosemary or dried oregano as outlined by people before me.

You could also smear the lamb with olive oil and stick cloves all in it like a pincushion.

Apricots also go really really well with lamb whether you bake them with the lamb (either as part of a marinade or whole in the roasting tray in the last bit of cooking) or stew them seperately with some lemon juice, maybe a tat bit of sugar and perhaps some lemon or normal thyme?

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