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Oct 17, 2004
So I have leftovers of this huge roast. Mostly bones. Is there anything I can do with them? Can I make a soup out of them? What kind of soup, if yes?
i just posted a recipe for crock pot onion soup under the soups and stews category. the bones would make a nice stock to substitute for the boullion.
Don't have an exact recipe for you, Charlie, but you can roast the bones along with some aromatic veggies and then combine with water in a stockpot to make beef stock. Should make a great base for a variety of soups, including one that has the meat you trimmed off the bones before roasting.
Charlie, this makes me think of one of my very favorite "comfort" foods, which is Vegetable Soup made from homemade beef stock -- nothing else like it in the world, IMO.

Roast the bones, as mudbug suggested, with or without vegetables (I omit). Then dump the bones into a large stockpot, add enough water to cover, then add that same amount again. Then slowly simmer all day long, even overnight if you wish. Voila! Beef stock! And with a flavor that cannot be compared.

The stock can be used in almost limitless fashion...in anything that calls for beef bullion or stock. As I said, my favorite soup utilizes beef stock, plus any vegetable I have on hand: beans, corn, peas, broccoli, asparagus, onions -- nothing is sacrosanct! Season with salt and pepper to taste, make a big pan of corn bread....and stand aside so that I don't knock you over getting to the stuff!
Seeing the topic of leftovers reminds me of my grandfather's homemade soup. Every day for lunch he would make and serve "Qui n Sabi" soup. It means "Who knows?" because his soups were full of leftovers and he added some seasonings. He made roasts frequently - at least once a week. His soups always featured homemade stock. Always homemade and full of leftovers and always delicious!!

As for me and how I use leftovers... Yes, sometimes I put something into a pot for soup to which I sometimes add beans (either canned or soaked and cooked) but I use stock from a can ninety percent of the time. Fried rice is often a possibility for using leftovers.
Take Audeo and Mudbug's soup and add barley to it. A cup or two. Let it cook until it's tender, then add the vegetables. It's one of my favorites.

I don't know why so few people use barley in their soups these days. I think it's better than rice or noodles.
Barbara L said:
Psiguyy said:
I don't know why so few people use barley in their soups these days. I think it's better than rice or noodles.
I love barley in my soup!

:) Barbara

I do too. It is so healthy and has such a great flavor and texture as well.

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