Lugaru went to court!

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Dec 18, 2004
Body: Boston Heart: Mexico
Well, Im back from a very fun escape I had. Basically I realized that I had not left the state of Ma in a long time and my friend and roomie had a court date in Maine due to his excesive credit card debpts so I told myself... this sounds like a fun vacation! (for me, not for the deadbeat roomie :ROFLMAO: )

So any way's it was really rejuvenating... here I live the boston lifestyle cramped into a tiny apartment (ok... I do have a huge kitchen and living room) but over there we stayed with a friend so I got to really relax, play with cats (I cant here, one roomie has a deadly allergy and lost one eye to it) and all in all had a great time. We also re-stocked our liquor cabinet with amareto, tequila 1800, smirnoff and granny sour apple shnapps.

The court thing was easy, basically it was just to summon him so he could talk to a lawyer that was hired by the credit cards and the lawyer told him they would reschedule it for 3 months so he had time to either get some money for file for bankrupcy so that went great.

One last thing: I know I havent been reviewing movies but I've been watching very weird stuff I didint think you guy's would like... althought I did watch 2 films on the bus trip:

“Mister 3000” which… I shouldn’t be telling you this
but… I have a soft spot for sports movies. See I cant
watch any games on TV, I have not the patience to
learn the name of a single player… but I like sports
“in general” and used to enjoy playing them. In comes
the sports movie: instead of a boring 4 hour long
game, you get 3 to 6 games in 2 hours. You get drama
and romance and cool plays you would never see in real
life, plus a couple of the “staples” of sports flicks
are cynicism and black humor which is what I’m about.
While I’m making dirty confessions I also watched and
enjoyed the american version of “shall we dance”.
While I’m a huge fan of the original and all that I
think the american one nicely emulated some of the
Japanese film’s better elements (together with some
stuff from strictly ballroom) and adapted the script
very nicely for an american cast of characters. Their
problems and dramas where very american, instead of a
poor imitation of what the characters from the
original went through.
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