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Dec 18, 2003
This is from one our members who has a great web page that carries lots of neat items. I ordered and received Turkey Lifters that my son will be using this Thanksgiving.

Hi, Marge:

Neat to hear from you! We don't carry that item at present, although we probably will in the spring when we do our gadget section revamp. We do have a new section that I'm just linking in today called "From the Northwest and Beyond..." that's full of nice goodies from the northwest, western Canada, Alaska, New Zealand and Australia. It's growing and more is coming...Take a look if you have a chance: .

Best to you, Marge! Hugs to the puppy.

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Several people on the DiscussCooking web site have asked if anyone knows where they can buy a Magnetic Knife Holder? Do you happen to stock them?
I don't think so..LOL
There was a discussion on here not to long ago about looking for one.
I want a magnetic knife holders, actually a couple of them. BUT I have no where to put them :cry: All back wallspace is unavailable and I don't know how they will fare if I put it behind the cooktop, under the hood. Will the heat from cooking hurt them?
I have the same problem kitchenelf. I used one at my last apt, but in my house I have no place to put it (and I have two full kitchens in my house).

I would not think the heat would hurt them, but they might get real messy from splatters from the stove.
I made room for mine, it is the greatest tool as it keeps my knives safer than they would be in the drawer, and safer fingers too. I do not need to sharpen them as much.

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If you go to and do a search on "magnetic knife holder" you'll find more places to buy them than you have knives. One of my favorite online stores is and they have several - but you might want to shop around to find the best price and the right size for you.

One word of caution - don't overcrowd it and be careful when you reach for a knife or put one back. We had a lady come into the ER one night that was the victom of a freak accident using one ... she reached for a knife, knocked another one loose, it bounced off the counter and stuck in her foot.

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