Making orange flavored chocolate?

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May 15, 2020
Prior Lake
I want to attempt to replicate a Terrys Chocolate Orange (European?) chocolate that I've had in the past and enjoyed greatly. (It's an orange flavored chocolate.). My only issue is one ingredient/flavoring: orange oil. Orange oil is made with a high concentration of alcohol, and I thought the water content still present in the alcohol will cause the chocolate to seize if I add it to flavor the chocolate after tempering. Am I right in this assumption, and if so should I try making orange extract/oil in a non water-based liquid? Could I use liquid glycerin instead, or is the water content in that still too high as well?
Michael’s craft store sells small bottles for around $5.00, in the candy making section.
Using just orange zest actually tastes better than orange extracts or oils - seems more of a balanced flavor. I just made a batch of orange flavored brownies, for one of the Thanksgiving sweets. If you make a chocolate with some chopped hazelnuts or almonds, the texture of the zest won't be very noticeable.
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