Mark 24 Tigerfish Torpedo BBQ Smoker

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Assistant Cook
Feb 9, 2006
houston, texas
Your Gonna LOVE this one. BBQ Pits by Klose Mark 24 Tigerfish Torpedo BBQ Smokers
Well, as it turns out, we have just completed the first of two 18ft 2 ton Torpedo BBQ smokers, and now it’s ready for paint booth finishing. An automotive high resin Black with reducers and hardeners, then four clear coats with resin to look 3D effect.
Weight: 3950# and 18 1/2 feet long by 2 foot wide
I expect after we finish filming our BBQ TV special we will add one of them to a Mobile Trailer with a polished Stainless Steel floor, add-on equipment, maybe even a roof, with a ¾” Granite 3 ft tall Plaque to our Military. The Torpedo’s are 24”, reduced the last 7 foot from 24” to 6”, with dual SS Scorpion Propellers that turn at 80 revolutions a minute. We added a smoke generating machine for the Hollywood stage, to produce smoke and cavitate 20ft behind the Tubes by wireless trigger.
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