Mauviel 2mm thick saucepan stainless hndl

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Jan 16, 2011
hello all

i bought a "2.5mm thick, cast iron handle" Mauviel 2.75qt saucepan with handle from ebay. after receiving it. i notice discrepancies: the thickness is 2mm (approx) and handle is stainless. its under ebay-dispute right now. i have offered the seller $110 instead of $160 (selling price) rather than return this. do you guys think $110 is too much for this piece. its in 'newish condition' ( a bit soiled but apparrently unused). is the 2mm thickness ok for real world cooking at the price of $110. thanks for advice in advance.
2 mm is fine for home use. Sauce pans are generally used filled with liquid, and he thickness will not be a problem. The pan will also weigh less, a positive. I did not know that Mauviel made Stainless handled copper cookware. The price new appears to be around $300 w/lid. I assume you are buying it w/lid. $110 seems like a good buy. Shopworn is not too important to me as cookware is meant to be used.

Overall, I would probably it at that price.
yes, the price is very good. Mauviel's M'Heritage series uses 2.0 copper and stainless handles. You can check out list prices at

I HAVE decided to go ahead at $110 for the pan.. thanks for prompt input.
I have a copper saucepan that size that is 3 mm and it's so heavy I lift it with two hands. 2 mm is fine for most cooking. The CI handles have a nicer older look, but there is nothing wrong with SS. Good luck with your copper cooking. It's the best.
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