Maximum heat for teflon pan?

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It's the only type of pan that I heat with oil already in it.
Most of my other pans get heated first, then I put oil. Esp my wok's and cast iron
The Maillard reaction that is responsible for those nicely browned meats begins at around 350ºF. You could probably manage to brown a piece of beef to chicken, etc. but why bother? The browning will not as good as with a SS or CI pan. Also, you wouldn't be risking damage to the pan and the cook.
I have Teflon baking sheets. I have never had a recipe that needed to go over 450° anyway.

I have never had any trouble browning meat in non-stick and prefer it. Too easy to lose some of your meat in other skillets whether they are stainless or iron. Couple of days ago I did a toasted cheese sandwich in a stainless because my other ones were tied up, and it tore my bread from sticking on the bottom even though I used plenty of butter.
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