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Sep 1, 2004
I've been picking up their dried fruits/spices etc. Has anyone played with these products before? I bought some dried organic cherries and was going to try to use them in audeo's choc.covered cherry recipe. figured I'll rename them bourbon cherrys! (they're dehydrated, so where do you think all that bourbon is gonna go???)
They have tamerand, candied ginger (oh, man. I can go through some candied ginger!)..candied orange, lemon etc. It's all the cool stuff that I want to play with. Put their organic dried blueberries in w/the apple pie the other day, and didn't plump them up first. they plumped up ok, but retained enough 'teeth' to give the pie another layer of texture and concentrated flavor. good pairing. any suggestions for some of their other stuff? dried yellow tomatoes are sitting in my pantry!
Hmmm.... I've not heard of them, southerncook, but the dried cherry brainstorm your having sure sounds like a good idea to me! Yee-Haa!!!

As far as those dried yellow tomatoes are concerned, I'd love to get my hands on some for pasta. Yum! Sun-dried tomatoes are a favorite of mine and I'd bet these would impart their own unique flavor. Ooooh!!!
I've used Melissa's quite a bit, and love her products - especially the candied ginger - its' the softest and easiest to cut of all, and the price is certainly better than some of the stuff you see on the spice shelves!
Thank you, marmalady. I will go exploring later. The site looks very interesting and, so far, pretty good pricing, too. Their selection, however, seems to be huge!

I appreciate the link.
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