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Agreed. Lumps and skins.

I peel mine nowadays. The skin and eyes are where most of the nightshade toxin is and potatoes don't bother my arthritis as much if I don't eat the skins.

But, in principal yes, skins. Sometimes I would make mashed potatoes with the skins left on. I have even put them through a food mill with the skins on. A lot of the skins stay in the food mill, but there are little brown spots of skin in the mashed taters.
Thanks for sharing this informative post about microwave ovens! It's always interesting to learn about how things work; I like such random facts. I also recently was surprised to see at can you microwave this.com that you can microwave most things. But it's also helpful to understand the different types of heat transfer and how they affect the cooking process. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge on this topic!
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I found Chief's post really interesting. I don't use my microwave as much as I could. It's great for reheating pasta dishes without drying them out and also for cooking fish. In a pinch, I use it for defrosting but never get ideal results (the edges of things get cooked, not defrosted - and of course, now I know why.)

One thing I do is soften butter for baking. I cannot get butter at a decent temp for mixing in a cake mix (either it is too warm to leave out in summer or it never softens in winter), so I chop it into chunks and "nuke" it on a lower setting. Quick stir and into my mixing bowl!
I have found several candy recipes I make in the microwave. Cake and muffins are also easy and taste great. FYI … you do not have to have a mug to make a muffin.

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