Moinks & Gobblers

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Nick Prochilo

Chef Extraordinaire
Jan 4, 2005
Long Island, N.Y.
Neighbors got together last night for supper club. I brought moinks & gobblers. One of the girls coming to the dinner doesn't eat beef or pork so I made some with ground turkey wrapped with turkey bacon.
Gobblers on the left
bbquzz said:
Those are great lookin' Moinks Nick. Doesn't look like you have toothpick holding the bacon, how did you do that??? :roll: Great pictures too!
I had toothpicks in when they cooked. I took them out after they were done and put them in the fridge. After I re-heated, I inserted toothpicks back in.

Vermin999 said:
Those look fantastic!!!!. How do the Gobblers compare to moinks?
Let's just say I'm not a big turkey fan. Those that ate them enjoyed them.
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