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Dec 20, 2005
southeastern pa.
Sweet Pepper Boats..... Sorta-Kinda Stuffed Peppers, but Horizontal .........
Cheesy Cauliflower Florets on the side..............

Pepper Boats.jpg
A 1-pot pasta meal with andouille and greens leftover from the batch made for our dirty rice. Not pretty, but tasty, quick and easy to make.
This past Thanksgiving was a little thin as it was just SO and me. So I used the turkey breasts and skin to make a turkey roll.

That left me with two tenders, two thighs and a bit of stuffing. The tenders were dispatched earlier so tonight it was the thighs and the stuffing.

I pan roasted the thighs, heated the stuffing and steamed the broccoli. When the thighs were done, I made a quick gravy.


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Sous vide thighs, lightly breaded and fried with rotini and broccoli in cheese sauce. Ginger Bacon BBQ sauce on the side.


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I baked a store bought, frozen beef tourtière. I roasted some sunchokes at the same time. I heated up some gravy. I served a vegi dish made with corn, green beans, and diced carrots from the freezer. Darn! I just realized I forgot to add the baby peas. I used some chicken stock and a store bought green masala to skillet simmer / fry the vegis.A small amount of corn starch dissolved in cold water at the end thickened up the stock to a bit of clinging sauce. That all turned out really tasty. I have to work on the sizing of the sunchoke pieces or figure out better timing for the roasting. A few pieces were a bit underdone and a few were too soft. I wasn't up for taking pix.
We had Italian sausage tray bake along with sauteed shredded Brussels sprouts tossed with lemon juice and Parmigiana Reggiano. I have to take a photo so I know how old a leftover is before we eat it!

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