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Feb 20, 2011
Cuban pork stew, cubes of pork shoulder cooked in bottled mojo, chicken and beef broth, and a little water I used to rinse the mojo bottle, with some garlic cloves. Onion, carrots, potatoes and mushrooms added at appropriate times. Craig ate 2.5 bowls and I managed to finish mine, though I'm stuffed.
We had the last of the store bought meatball stew. It was actually more like meatballs in a hearty onion gravy. I served it with boiled potatoes. It was a joint effort just to peel and boil some potatoes. We still don't have much energy. We also had the last of the rødkål (Danish sweet and sour red cabbage).
Pad See Ew, and Indonesian rice noodle dish. I read the recipe wrong and almost used twice as many noodles as the recipe called for. Luckily, when I make noodle dishes I don't add all the noodles at once ( to male sure there is good sauce/ noodle ratio). When I realized something looked wrong ( with the amount of noodles I had left over), I re-read the recipe to find my error. At least I finally remembered to use the spring rolls that I had forgotten the last 3 times I had Asian dishes.


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