Mussel Provencal (Cooked on a gueridon)

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Aug 19, 2004
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lol, margi. i've heard about mussels squirting.

joisey is new jersey, u.s.a.. i live about 8 miles outside of nyc.

Margi Cintrano

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Jan 29, 2012
Both in Italy and Spain
@ Buckey: New Jersey

@ Buckey,

8 Miles outside of NYC ... Is that Hoboken Hudson County more or less or Weehawken, West New York, Guttenburg, North Bergen ? Fort Lee ? The road is Boulevard East, lovely semi urban zone ... and close to NYC.

I have a dear friend who lived on the road that runs parallel to the stunner views of the NYC skyline and the Hudson River in a high rise, the Galaxy Towers in Guttenburg ... a few kilometres from the Lincoln Tunnel.

Are you in this vicinity ?

I loved the Italian restaurant behind the Galaxy Towers ... Knew the owner real well ... However, it is long ago --- university days ... cannot remember name of restaurant. Also, like Hoboken dining scene too ... There is a stunner Italian Raw Clam Bar we always have gone too when I had visited NYC ...

Enroute to Spain, as we had been in Porto, Portugal. Gorgeous small city and dynamite cuisine too ... Cod fish and calamari, skorpion fish ... lobster chowder ... The Vet and I had gone for a belated Valentine´s ... we were in Portuguese wine country ... and Port country.

Kind regards.

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