my new smoker is puttin in some work...

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May 27, 2011
My gf loves our new smoker, she's making me smoke another tri tip tomarrow afternoon... I marinade this on a little different... I added a little sweet dijon mustard and I chopped garlic instead of mincing it... here's it getting its marinade on.. of course it is untrimmed as I always smoke... more pics to come tomarrow night...




I meant to take a pic of my entire plate which had green beans, corn, rice polar, and scalloped potatoes with my fat tri tip sandwich but we were in a hurry and I forgot. I took these pics later after we got back home. So it looks a little dried up in the pic but its not, it just sat there for a few hours before I remembered to take pics and post them. This one wasn't as tender as my last tri tip but it was still damn good! I will be using a lot more vinegar then oil next time I marinade it and I will probably use a lot more lemon juice as well.
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