Need help for Valentines Dinner for my wife

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Feb 13, 2003
Hi all,

I am trying to make a special dinner for my wife tomorrow night and I have a receipe for marinade for Yellow Fin Tuna that I will grill. It calls for on Jalepeno Pepper to be minced, with the seeds. I have seen "minced jalepeno's" in the can at the store but decided to mince my own.

One problem: how do I mince this pepper?! Do I just chop it up as fine as possible? Can someone please explain this process to me? Thanks. :?
Hello russianrocket! Welcome to DiscussCooking.

Normally I would remove the seeds but if the recipe calls for them so be it :shock: LOL The seeds are the hottest part so if you want to remove them I will explain that way - otherwise just leave that part out.

Never touch your face - especially your mouth and your eyes while handling fresh peppers. Some people where latex gloves but for just one that is not necessary (if you have a cut of any kind put a bandaid on it though).

1. slice stem end off pepper
2. cut in half lengthwise
3. take edge of knife and remove seeds by scraping from stem end to other end
4. slice in thin strips
5. hold strips together then start chopping into smaller pieces

They will have a somewhat square shape and will be fairly small. The strips, I'd say, are about toothpick size or smaller.

Just leave out the scraping part to keep seeds in. Hope this helps.

Wash hands immediately but still don't touch eyes, mouth, etc. It takes awhile to remove the capsicum from your skin.
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