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Jan 31, 2021
Hi, I'm someone who has traditionally eaten out quite a bit (and sometimes still do) but I'd like to discuss things about cook/cook more for different reasons- to save money, to have more control over what I cook (as opposed to places you eat out at having more limited options than things you can get at grocery stores/shipped to you.

Right now, I'm trying to get setup for a ketogenic diet done through a place called Medi-weight loss to lose weight, but there are several obstacles.

I'm living with my parents right and traditionally we have eaten out quite a bit. We have our main refrigerator in the kitchen which is pretty much always full, but ironically my mother doesn't cook every night and a lot of is accessories/condiments/drinks, not main courses/leftovers.

We also have two mini fridges, one of which I had make some room in/move around some things (it had a lot of beer in it, but I personally don't drink alcohol) to make room for a fresh turkey breast I bought tonight. The other mini fridge is for drinks mostly, BUT sometimes I put a large container of Chi-chi's thick and chunky salsa in it.

To that end, I'd like to get my own full size fridge with only my stuff in it that I will cook for a ketogenic diet, salads and meat, which I'm working on. There's things you have to do with food besides just cook it, such as storing the leftovers, I have several closable microwaveable containers of different sizes that I bought.

Hopefully, I'll get a much better reception here, than I did at the cheftalk forums, in which I was banned for "trolling" and "spam" because I posted a message regarding what ripeness means in different contexts, such as not only when bananas are ready to pick but with ones you buy at the grocery store you actually have to let them decompose a bit before eating them, and that I posted a message asking how to double a recipe which isn't as simple as just doubling the ingredients (such as if you were using the same pan you just used to fry chicken, the oil would be all dried up/burned)
Welcome to DC!

I think you will find most folks are helpful and happy to have other points of view as long as all views are respected. It's a great place with great people.

Also, you will find others on here that enjoy a low carb and even ketogenic way of eating. For a while, I was on a ketogenic meal plan and it was a fantastic plan for me, but not for others in the family. That being said, others here have made it their way of life for ages.

Here is one link from this forum that may be of help!
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