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Feb 6, 2011
Hi there my name is Aimee i am 21 years old and eventually i will want to some cooking so in interested in recipes at the minute, ive got a 7 month old baby boy :D not quite on to adult food apart from mushy foods lol.
But when he gets to a certain age i want to do different foods for a change :).
I just thought i'd introduce meself quickly. Nice to meet y'all :cool: x
Hi Aimee, welcome to DC. This is a really great spot to ask questions about how to make something. There are lots of good cooks here who love to help out a newbie.:chef:
Welcome to the group.

We love the people new to cooking...nothing like getting someone on the right path from the start so they don't have to make the mistakes we did.
Thank you all. sounds like there some lovely people on this site :).
Im more worried about getting the ingrediants like oz of something in the wrong order as that is what im like forgetting things so easily these days :LOL:.
I need to ask my sister if she will lend me her weighing scales for the food. Hmm I will get there eventually.
Ive just been nosying around on the site to see what others have put on the recepies. :D x
Yes...nose around. You will find so much! Lots of great ideas and help from so many people. I am sure that something will come up soon that you will be able to help with too! It is just that fun! Welcome!
I am off to wales for the week. Trust me to go when weather is like this lol.
Speak soonies :D x

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