New Years Eve : Miami Vice - Cat Squad!

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Washing Up
Mar 9, 2004
NW Chicago Burbs'
It was a good night. Actually morning. About 1 AM.
I was heading back with all the leftover food for my churchs Coffee House that I bought. Two pizzas and two bags of BBQ pork and condiments.
The air was freash and the temp. was mild. As I drove into my apartment complex I noticed 4 squads park in front of the building.
Parking was tight. I docked my 97 Camry on the side of the building.
I managed to get both bags and the two pizza boxes in one hand. I needed the other to work my keys. I was impressed with my package handling!
I got outside of my car and I looked at the side entrance. I could wawlk up the stairs (4th floor) and be done with my evening. I thought about the 4 squads again. I decided to walk to the front of the building. Visions of a "perp" in cuffs had me wanting to walk a block furthur.
As I took steps up the walk to the front door. I noticed something.
A tiny black figure. Then I saw a tail. I then heard the cry of a little kitten. :shock:
I have 2 cats. One of them black. Jet black like this little guy. He needed help! I dropped my food that I handled so well on the grass next to the front path. I needed to gain the confidence of this little guy. It needed to know that Im on HIS side. I thought of the Horse Wisperer. Then I mentally slapped myself, as it was stupid to think of. :roll:
With a gentle voice and quick hands I got the little kitten in my arms! :shock:
Now Im thinkning what about the groceries?! I cant carry BOTH... AND open the door.
A man came up. He looked tired, with VHF tapes in his hand. I asked him "hey buddy, can you help me out?" I told him what was going on.

OK OK.... long story SHORT... he brought out a shopping cart that the builiding keeps and he put the stuff in the cart. WELL... while the shopping cart was coming out it made LOTS of noise. Cats DONT like noise! :? The kitten FREAKED OUT! Knocked my glasses off.... and RIPPED my LEATHER jacket! But I was determined! It did NOT get away!
I got into the apartment... got into the elevator and pushed this cart with the cat in my hands!! I managed to open my door and to put the cat into my bathroom because that is where the litter box is. I put him in and shut the door with the light off. He needed rest...

Im not kidding.... this is true. If someone wants to hear how everything ended just ask. I looked at how long this message is. :oops: Sorry!
I'm not sure you meant it that way when you wrote this, but when I read it, I heard the whole thing in my head with kind of a Sam Spade kind of voice! You know, the old crime drama detective talk?! It definitely spiced it up!

Ok, so how are things going with the kitten? Did you check around the complex to see if anyone is missing a kitten? How are Clint and Zephyr handling it?

:) Barbara
LOL Barbara..I caught myself reading his post the same way and then I saw your post! Sounded a lot like "Dragnet"l :LOL: :LOL:
Thanks guys! :D I was in a creative state of mind. I didnt finish the whole story because it looked soooooooooo long already. but I will write the rest tomorrow. :D Glad ya liked it!!! 8)
I'm with Barbara and Dove, I was reading it the same way and I NEED the next instalment! Is the kitty safe? Are you now a three cat house hold? Is the leather jacket now assigned to the annals of history? Was the food still good?

Come on Sushi your holding out on us!
After I closed the door to the washroom, I started to assess what had happened. I looked at my leather jacket. I noticed one tear on the front. :? I was afraid to look anymore. I put the jackect on the chair.
My attention went back on the kitten. It MUST be hungry! I got two little bowls I use for serving sauce. Water in one.... food in the other. I know my cats are wondering what the heck is going on. I could NOT let my cats see the kitten. Anyone who knows cats, knows when cats meet a stange cat, all he LL breaks loose. Ok.... the cats are on the other side of the room.... time to deliver the food and water. I slowly opened the door to the bathroom... popped my head in. I see no cat.... its hiding! GOOD! I put the 2 bowls down in the small dark room and close the door. Mission accomplished. Well.... sort of...
Cats need to use litter boxes. If they dont BAD things can happen. :roll:
The kitten is in the washroom.... with the litterbox. My two cats cant go in there. What am I to do? This isnt going to work. Kitten cant stay. :( I dont know if it has diseases..... it hasnt been de clawed in the front like my cats are. So kiss my leather couch good bye! :?
Its now about 2AM. I call the 24/7 animal hospital. The only one in 15 miles. After the woman stops laughing at my perils, she informs me of 3 things. The first is since the kitten sliced my hand and drew a little blood I need to goto the ER and get it checked out.
The second is I should call the Police to see if they can pick the cat up.
The third is I much change the litter box AND wipe it and the floor down with BLEACH! It seems cat disease is very easily transmitted.
I thank her hang up, and put my forehead on my gelpad for my keyboard. Im REALLY tired and this nite is far from over.
Well I need to put my glasses on and....... WAIT! My glasses!!!! :shock:
The cat knocked the off! Where are they? I cant drive without my glasses at nite! Awwwww CRAP! I put my jacket on and whip down the stairs. Open the doors to the outside, praying that I will see my 2 other eyes somewhere. Im squinting... the light is really low.... I return to the scene where this whole mess started.... no more police cars..... no more glasses. Theyre GONE! :cry: Someone had to take them! I looked for 15 minutes.... nothing.
My mind quickly goes back to the 2 cats that cant go and relive themselves. ARGH. I go back up, taking the elevator this time. I have to get my cat carrier. Its in storage.... Looking at my keychain Im thankful to find the key to the lock of my storage area. I pop in open the lock to the cage.... push everything aside thats in my way. Is it here??? YES! I rip it out of the cage and lock everything back up.
Back into the apartment, its about 2:30AM.
I decide Im not going to the ER for this tiny cut on my hand. But, this cat HAS to goto the police tonight! I quickly shuffle my 2 cats in the bedroom and close the door. Now I can get the kitten in the carrier. :roll: I open the door to the bathroom slowly. Its dark and it SMELLS! :x The kitten did his 'business'. yuk. He looks somewhat relaxed and he isnt making any noise. I get a better look at him and he gets a good look at me too.
What a good looking cat! All black with these huge copper colored eyes!
This made me feel much better about what I did! I open the door to the carrier and he hops right in. ;) Im shocked at how easy that was. I close the carrier door and the kitten starts talking to me. Its getting scared again. Meow.... Meow! Well here we go! I open the door to the hallway. Its amazing how such a small cute thing can make such a loud annoying noise. :? We go downstairs and whip out into the very dark and very cold night. I can only imagine what this cat is seeing and feeling. Scared to death about why its back out in the cold.
I put him in the back seat. His voice sound very tired and very dry. Like he has been meowing and crying for a very long time. I start the engine and make sure the heat is turned all the way up. I put the car in reverse look at the instument cluster.... what did I see??? A yellow light. What the light for? The light that is laughing at me? Im almost out of gas! WHY NOW??!!! Great.... now I have to get gas with the kittin in the back. Im so darn tired. :( Not to mention its about 3AM.... New Years Day. Where is there a station open? Will I run out of fuel before I get there? :shock:
This actually happened. I have time on my hands so I figure I would be really descriptive. :)

Send this write up to Readers Digest, they always print these type of stories. Perhaps there is another career in your future.
I tryed writing before. ALas it didnt work out. :(

I turned onto the main road. I started thinking about all the drunk drivers that are out there. So heres me..... no glasses.... Im squinting, almost out of gas.... its 3AM..... I have a stray kitten in the back of my car and Im worried about a drunk driver hitting me. :?
I was REALLY hopeing that this one station would be open. Its owned by one of the big oil companies. It wasnt to far away.... the kitten is meowing more now. Im waiting for the engine to warm up so I can get some heat. The closer I get the gas station the more it LOOKS like it is open. Me squinting is hardly doing anything. Yes! Its open!!! 8) Now Im just worried about me turning into a curb when I enter the gas station. I didnt. heat was just starting to come out of the air vents. It seems to quiet the kitty. I left the car running and started to pump the much need fuel so I could complete my mission. I was freezing, the wind blew like the Cubs loose! (which is a LOT :roll: )
Tank filled, I get in the car. Aahhhhhhhh! Warmth! Off I go to the police station. This road I was on was dark as could be. No lights. I look like a 90 year old woman behind the wheel. The wheel is almost against my chest and my face almost pressed against the windshield. I managed to let out a chuckle. I asked the kitten how hes doing. He said Meow. :roll:
Anyhew, I drive up to the police station and againt manage not to hit the curb while turning into the parking lot. I got out of the car open the rear door and yanked the cat carrier out. Here comes the meowing again. I walk into the station... the dispatcher buzzes me in. She proceeds to tell me that all the officers are out. There are emergencies all over the town. So she took my information and took the cat out of the carrier. She didnt have keys for the cage in the back of the station so she said she would keep the kitten in the dispatch area. I was a bit shocked at that, but I just wanted to leave. I walked back into the night and into my car. It was still warm. Its about 3:15 now. I start thinking what the 24/7 vet said. I needed to clean the litter box out and wash it with bleach. Now all the stores are closed. Where in heck am I going to find cat litter? :idea: Ahhh HA! White Hen!!! And it was close to my apartment and YES! It was open. Walking up to the door Im thinking. What if these guys dont have it? And why was this drunk kid in the parking lot starring at me?
I went in and asked. He pointed to the bag of broken bits of clay that I so needed. I didnt care how much it was at this point.
I drove back to my place. My cats are still locked up in my bedroom. Poor guys. But they would have to wait a bit longer. After returning my car carrier to the storage area, I emptied the litter box, and washed it and the floor with bleach. It almost 4am. :? I open the bedroom door. My one cat just looks at me. Like he saying 'you jerk'. Well I get out a few crackers and a beer. I sit down finally at my computer desk wanting to tell and of you what happened. I drank half the beer and ate one cracker. Time for BED! :eek:

Day 2: I wake up about noon. I tell my friend / pastor what happened. After he finished laughing, he told me to go down where the cat knocked off my glasses. I kind of rolled my eyes. Well, I managed to throw myself into the shower. Slap clothes on and walk down stairs. I went out crossing my fingers. I looked again... and again... nothing. Well maybe its on the otherside of the walkway. I noticed something in the bushes! Could this be IT? :shock: If so how did my glasses get in here? I pushed my face closer and squinted. IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There they are! I quickly grabbed them and put them on. Ahhhhh MUCH better! :D I called my friend up and told him that I found them. So, latter that night... what do I do? I sit on my glasses. Again. 2nd time in 3 days. :( And this time they are bent really good.
Well thats the end of the story....... dont know if there is a moral to it though. What do you folks think? :roll:
ummm, sush, why did you give up your rescue-ee? sounds like fate that the 2 of you should meet.
you already provide a house for 2, what's one more gonna do?
You, my dearest sushi are destined for sainthood!

If I could wrap my arms about your neck in a big hug - I definately would!

Thanks Lindatoo! :D :D :D
Bucky, my 2 cats that I have are like brothers. They really love eachother. And my place isnt that big. If I had a house I might have kept him. Im just happy he didnt get run over or starve to death. Hes in a nice warm place now. We have about 6 inches of snow that just fell last night. :roll:

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