NY style Fat Free Cheesecake

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Bill Brent

Assistant Cook
Nov 24, 2004

Fat Free New York Style Cheesecake

2 qt Fat free yogurt 1/4 c Arrowroot*
1 lb Fat free cream cheese 1 tb Vanilla Extract
1 pt Fat free ricotta 1 ts Lemon ring
1 1/2 c Sugar* 2 pk Soft fat free cookies
1 pk Egg beaters* 1/2 c Fruit juice*
1/2 c Honey

Strain yogurt (use yogurt strainer, cheese cloth or coffee filter) overnight, discard water.
Starting with yogurt, add all ingredients (except cookies) to a large bowl, mixing constantly
on low speed. For best texture, when finished, force mixture through a strainer.
In another bowl, crumble cookies and add fruit juice to moisten. Press cookie mixture
into the base and sides of an 11" (or two 9") spring form pans. Pour cheese mixture into
pan(s). Bake at 300 degrees for one hour (or until top of cake begins to brown). Open oven
door and allow cake to cool for 1 hour. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours and serve with fresh fruit.

* substitutions: honey can be used in place of sugar; use equal amounts.
Use 6 beaten egg whites in place of egg-beaters, in
this case, add egg whites last.
Corn Starch can be used in place of arrowroot.
Orange rind can be used in place of lemon rind.
Water can be used in place of fruit juice.

the most important part is to cook it at low temperature (300) and watch the timing -
cooking fat free dairy can be tricky.
with the eggs - (or egg beaters) -
if you beat them - and fold them into the batter - the
result will be a slightly fluffier cheese cake -

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