Orlando BBQ Recommendations?

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Uncle Kenny's west of Orlando, in the Citrus Tower in Clermont. Only about a 5 or so minute drive from the downtown Orlando area.

After that, there's a local chain called Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ. Several locations scattered around Orlando.

Watch out for muggers..car jackers and sea serpents..hurricanes..grass fires..phytons..wild boars (or a sow with piglets)..crockodiles etc. Pack your shootin iron. Best of fortunes down there.
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Try the food from Cuber. That is the speciality down there I think. Or maybe that is Miami. I forget right now. Carry on. Thanks.
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Wheeler... If I am reading it right, he will be in full carry as soon as he gets out of the airport... You can't take heat on the planes no more... :)

This is Florida we're talkin 'bout, not Texas. 'Gators, HurryKanes, snakes and maybe a fire or 3. If ya don't go to MyAmie, and stay outa the gettos, you'll be OK. (we cook the sea serpents, hogs and hoglets!)

most likely
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MUShand's trip has probably come and gone but I'll chime in as I lived in OTown for the better part of two decades.

4 River's is one of the best in the Orlando area, they have a few locations. Not much else to say, they're at the top (in my opinion).
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Keller's is also very good and has been around quite a while, also several locations. Keller's also has insane portions. They used to do (not sure if they still do) an all you can eat item every day which changed depending on the day of the week. So today would be brisket, tomorrow is chicken, pork the next day, etc.
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Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ is a sore spot for me because back in late 1990s they were without a doubt the best Q you could get "consistently" and that last part is key. Some places you would go one time and it was awesome, sometimes terrible. The problem with Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ is they stopped caring a while ago. The Lee Road location doesn't even serve fresh Q any more, it's all microwaved (or was, things could have changed, I hope so). The last several times I went they shorted my to go order several items and it was a hassel to get them rectify it so I stopped going.
Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ

If you're up for a drive North there is Firehouse BBQ in Deland which is pretty darn good.

I'm leaving a bunch out of course. There is a LOT of good Q in the Orlando area.
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