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Washing Up
Sep 1, 2004
Grape Fruit in Jelly

In 1/2 a cup of cold water, soak 2/3 of a box of gelatine for 2 hours; to this add the juice of 3 grape fruit; 1 cup of hot water; 1 cup of sugar; juice of 3 or 4 lemons; strain; lay pieces of grape fruit in jelly, and mold in cup molds; or garnish with the pieces of grape fruit, instead of putting them in the jelly and serve on lettuce with mayonnaise.

Grape Fruit and English Walnut Salad

Take out the sections, being careful to remove all the white bitter skins; to 1 quart of grape-fruit, after it is prepared, add 1 pint of English walnuts. Serve with bleached lettuce, and a French dressing made of lemon in the proportion of 3 tablespoons of oil to 1 of lemon juice.

Tomato Jelly Salad

Add 1/4 of a box of gelatine to a pint of well seasoned strained tomatoes; when dissolved strain, mold in small cups or wine glasses, turn out on lettuce leaves and serve with a spoonful of mayonnaise on the side.

Tomato Jelly

3/4 box Knox gelatine; 3/4 cup cold water; 1 can tomatoes; 1/2 onion; a stalk of celery; 2 tablespoons tarragon vinegar; a bay leaf; 2 cloves; a few grains cayenne. Soften the gelatine 5 minutes in the cold water; cook together the other ingredients, except the vinegar 10 minutes; add the vinegar and softened gelatine and stir until dissolved then strain. Pour into a mold and set in a cool place or on ice to form. When cold turn from the mold, garnish with lettuce leaves and pour mayonnaise dressing over the whole.

There are a bunch more, but no more gelatin salads Audeo!


Head Chef
Sep 1, 2004
Thanks for going through the trouble of typing these out, choclatechef! These certainly remind me of my grandmother, who made mayonnaise every morning -- she loved the stuff. Lots of jelled salads and aspics. Makes me think of her little clam shell molds -- haven't thought of those in years!

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