Panera Bread potato chips and The Spicy Take Chicken Sandwich reviews.

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Nov 8, 2004

Okay So I am over to Panera Bread for what is my FIRST EVER reviewed items ever at this place. The sandwich is supposed to be brand new and I just could not wait to try it out.

The Spicy Take Chicken Sandwich Review..

That is the Sandwich in the back. They are also selling a plain version you can also see in the image as well.

You get:

Seasoned and seared chicken breast, spicy Buffalo sauce, crispy pickle chips, and garlic aioli on a brioche roll.

The sandwich was impressive looking. Panera Bread really knows how to cook a good looking chicken sandwich.

I liked the pickle chips.

The spicy Buffalo sauce was tasty BUTTTTTTTT far away from really being spicy.

The chicken was really tasty and really properly cooked. One very easy to eat piece of chicken.

The bread was really good as well.

I will give that sandwich a big thumbs up even though it was hardly spicy for me. That chicken was soooooo good.

Panera Potato Chips Review...

The Chips came with the sandwich so I got a 1 ounce of bag of plain chips.

All the chips in the bag were on the small size of things.

The chips were nice and crunchy.

They did not taste bad at all.

I will give this chip a big thumbs up.


The chicken sandwich alone will cost you a minimum of 11 bucks which is expensive. I would have liked to have gotten it for under 10 bucks even with the Panera Bread upcharge though.

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