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Peanut butter is delicious, but so is almond and cashew butter. My favorites are with carrots, banana, apple slices, pear slices, or chopped celery (any one of those, not all at once).
I love peanut butter. I don't buy it because I can't leave it alone.
I eat it with a spoon, on sandwiches. Mix with miracle whip and spread on bananas!!

with jelly on sandwiches, on toast with maple syrup, with pickles on a sandwich(pickle relish is the best). Grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with tomato soup!!!!!! On ice cream with chocolate sauce, cook chicken in it(thai peanut chicken)....

Probably one of the finest creations in the world and no, I don't make my own. I like Peter Pan creamy!!
I used to eat pnut butter and miracle whip sandwiches..

I just eat that Smuckers pnut butter and keep a jar by the bed. When I am dieting, it helps keep me satisfied.. uh. food wise-that is.

wow am i jazzed,someone like me on a diet. it does stave the pangs of hunger ,doesn't it.

my husband ate peanut butter and mustard on both fried dogs sandwich and fried egg sandwich. course he ate soup for breakfast. lol

babe :sick:
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Peanut butter and sliced tomato on toasted of the best sandwiches ever.
I noticed a lot of you love peanutbutter as I never have to run out of it again!!
Keep a can of peanuts in the house at all times...
Take can of nuts place in food processor
Turn on and process until desired consistency...add some salt if peanuts are unsalted.
Its as easy as that...
Make sure to keep refrigerated.
Your kids will also be awed that the peanuts turn into peanutbutter right before their step son is 11 and I was able to impress him!! :shock:

Of course, if you were able to keep a can of peanuts in your house at all times, couldn't the space occupied by that can, just as easily be used to store peanut butter? I don't really understand the logic... My suggestion to avoid running out would be to keep several jars of it and replenish as you use it.

I like to make toast, spread peanut butter on, thick, and then chop up banana (pronounced: ban-ar-na) and cover. Banana and peanut butter on toast is nature's candy! ;)
I was introduced to peanut butter & onion a few years ago. Just lurve it. My absolute favourite is peanut butter on steaming hot toast.
Where were you and your peanut butter in 2004 and what were you doing?

Peanut Butter Soup kinda doesn't taste so good. I gotta jar to finish off so I'm making candy. (Mix PB, Powdered Sugar, etc, form balls or logs and dip in bark)

etc. is like cinnamon, cloves, type spices.

*You can sub the PB with cream cheese.

**I sub PB for peanut oil.....seems to work and for some reason taste the same. Of course this is the type that separates while it sits on the shelf and needs to be stirred for PB. But for PO just pour the oil off the top! What a money saver.....and saves shelf space to only have one container. Whenever you want PB, just stir. There is so much oil in PB that you will never find dry brown crude in the bottom of the jar!
I am a huge fan of good old PB & J but I have to cut into squares...a little weird I know but I swear it tastes different if it isn't cut right!!! The school I teach at always has PB & J for the kids but they serve it with a slice of American Cheese...this is a little strange to me and I haven't dared to try it...anyone ever heard of this??
We rec'd a #10 can of almonds for Christmas. I'll add almond butter to the list of things to do with the almonds. Hmmm almond brittle??? It's too soon to start thinking about veggies and green beans. List of things to do in July: Open #10 can of almonds. All done.

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