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Don Cash

Senior Cook
Nov 11, 2010
Richmond, Virginia
We had a ton of basil leftover from another cook the other night so we thought we'd make some pesto pizza tonight. It wasn't supposed to start raining until around midnight so we thought we were OK. We were wrong. It started drizzling around the time I started the coals and came down progressively harder throughout the whole cook ...Oh well, gotta forge through. :mrgreen:

On a positive note I got to break in the new rain suit I bought for the Redskin game I'm going to tomorrow.

Tried to gerry rig an umbrella but was unsuccessful so I used it the best way I could.


My daughter hasn't developed a taste for pesto yet so she made her own pizza...Traditional pepperoni.


Prepped...she did this entirely by herself. This 4 year old girl is a natural. She tells me all the time she wants to be a "cooker" when she grows up. I think she just may become one some day.






Ours. Pesto, grated fresh mozzarella and plum tomatoes.




The rain didn't really affect the cook too much. The lid was probably a little cooler than normal with the 35 degree rain beating down on it the whole time so the toppings took longer to cook, but it turned out pretty dag-gone good.

Thanks for lookin'. Have a great Sunday, all. Go Skins!!
Looks nice. I bet the fresh mozz was a pain in the butt to grate. Hope the Skins throw the Bucs a serious beat down!
Crabnbass said:
I bet the fresh mozz was a pain in the butt to grate.
Yup. My wife did the grating...and she said it was a pain in the...but didn't use the word "butt". Worth it, in my non-grating opinion. We make pizzas a lot and use fresh mozz a lot, usually sliced. The grated was so much better.
Don, KUDOS to you and your wife for getting your BEAUTIFUL daughter into the kitchen and cooking!!! And DOUBLE KUDOS to her for a job well done. For as good of a job and delicious as her pizza looked and I'm sure tasted, the pesto tomato pizza I would have fought you for!!!!!!!!! That looks incredible!
Nice lookin pizzas Don. U sure it wasn't your daughter cookin all that food u been postin? :roll:

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