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Mad Cook

Master Chef
Jun 9, 2013
North West England
I don't sugar dishes that are considered savory. When it comes to most dinner sides that do use sugar (cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole), I use about half the amount of sweetener called for - and that's without using the baking soda trick! Then again, most times when I've read over one of the Pioneer Woman's recipes, I don't understand what the popularity is. Most times I'll read the recipe and say


Maybe the draw is her screen presence? I don't know, since I've never seen one of her shows, either. I lead a sheltered life when it comes to cooking shows.
She's on over here at (my) breakfast time so I sometimes watch her if I'm not in a hurry. She hasn't persuaded me to cook many of her dishes.

I do like "The Barefoot Contessa" programmes though and (looks guiltily over her shoulder and whispers) I have most of her books and have used some of the recipes
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