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May 23, 2010
Beer Capital, USA
I've been seeing an increasing (and dreadful) trend around here lately. Restaurants seem to be putting less care into their food and service.

I recently stopped at a small food shack for some frozen custard. They called it custard, but it wasn't custard at all. It was soft-serve ice cream.

That just tipped me over the edge. But what has really been bothering me are the increasing number of "Italian" restaurants that refuse to cook noodles to order. One particular restaurant used to... now they don't (and when I questioned that, the server claimed they've NEVER done that. Bah!). Another "Italian" restaurant didn't even know what I was talking about when I requested al dente.

I just can't imagine that asking for noodles al dente in an Italian restaurant is that rare these days.
My husband and I ate at a local steak and seafood restaurant a while back. We were too full for dessert, so we ordered a key lime pie to take home with us. When we got home we found out that it wasn't key lime pie at all. According to the box, it was lime meringue.

Don't feel all alone. I look around a restaurant and realize I'm the oldest woman in the place ... at 55. The music, volume, everything is geared to people who are maybe 20. It is a small town and I actually know the restaurant owners. So I actually ask. Can you please, please, get the volume down a bit. No. They are doing music that the employees like! I feel like a deer in the head-lights. Really; they choose music based on employees who they pay probably less than minimum wage? Hey, give them another buck an hour, and let those of us who are actually paying for food and service be able to converse. I'm eating out less and less.

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