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Feb 14, 2011
I did my first layered Jello last night and it turned out ok. After doing one, I realize how simple it is...though must be allotted a healthy amount of time to do something complicated. I found that when I poured a new layer onto the one that was set, there was some melting of the original layer. Is there any way to minimize this? I was thinking about freezing the already set products....also about chilling the molten jello to the point where it almost can't be poured, but I don't know what that temperature is. Any suggestions?
Use a little less water than called for while making the Jello (It makes it more firm), and chill the glasses for an hour before filling them.
When I make a layered jello, I make sure the next layer is mixed and cooling on the counter while the first layer is in the fridge. Then I slowly pour in into a large spoon held over the first layer so it doesn't create a hole. Usually letting the next layer sit on the counter at room temp it doesn't gel but does get a bit thicker more like a syrup than water and that helps.

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