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Sep 24, 2008
Gothenburg, NE and Bainbridge, GA
Need some more help. I am doing a festival this weekend in our little town of 3000 people and just found out that a chain bbq restaraunt will be there,too. There are only 4 food vendors- me one of them. I have come up with the following to help drive some biz to us hopefully. Give some feedback please!

1/4 pulled pork sandwich meal $4.00
includes: sandwich, side, drink, and cookie

1/3 rib plate $8.00
includes: sandwich, side, cornbread, cookie, drink

Kids Q meal $2.50
small sammie, chips, cookie, capri sun fruit drink pouch

Sides: bbq beans, brunswick stew, corn muffin, (maybe cole slaw)

a la carte:
sandwich $2.50 or $3.00
1/3 rack $5.00
full rack $15.00
bowl of stew $2.50
bowl of beans $2.50
chips or muffin or drink extra $1.00

thanks for feedback!

I think you are a little low. But not knowing what your competition is charging.....

I'd almost say... Add a buck to each thing (except drink)

You may put your menu/pricing on a marker board... just before the start of it all... take a stroll to your competion and compare prices and change accordingly.
please dont take this the wrong way, but you have too much going out on the plates.. it certainly seems like you are trying to do the right thing, and impress people with your menu, but it seems like something you would get in a sitdown restaurant.. People just want a taste of BBQ at an event like this , not a full course meal , with dessert, or that is my experience

why you would, for example, give a cookie, AND chips in the kids meal

why would you give a cookie out with the adults plate

offer those as an option

limit the sides to 1 choice... unless you have a vast prep area, and holding area, and, or, serving area

call me if you have any questions.. IM me for my number
Thanks for the info! The thing is here that I am competing with a church, a restaraunt, and the boy scouts. They have the "full meal deals" so was trying to offer the same but with different choices. I could always wait till I get there to make my price signs and options I guess. We are all in a park that is very small- guessing 80 to 100 yards each side if that. They are all in this area for the entire day.
Im guessing here and only exp from a consumers point of view that you mostly are competing with the BBQ vendor.

For me being a dood who likes to eat I would pay 7-8 dollars for a BIG pp sammie, chip n a drink.... they way I see it is the chain rest will def be able to get thier food cheaper cause they buy it in huge bulk compared to what the little guy can do so im not sure how much u could compete on price vs the size of the plate... in most eating experices I find that the chain places have moderate prices that match the size of the plate and find myself still hungry afterwards... If i saw the little guy offering a monster plate of food for a couple bucks more then the competitor you would certainly find me at your booth.

If I saw a regular sammie with a drink and a chip for 5$ and I saw another booth with a BIG SLOPPY half lb sammie w/ chip n drink for 8$ you know where id be !!

I agree with the cookie for the adults ... get rid of it and push the beans !! I want to leave the fair with a wake of flatulence behind me !!!

GL and grab some photos and let us know how it goes ....
I personally would also stay away from chain food in a fair setting. I can get that crap anytime. Id pay more for something that came from a guy with a smoker just to taste his product.. Id also rather have slaw or beans or cornberead than a cookie.
I think your prices are too low also. Don't let the competition shake you.
Quality always justifies a good price IMHO

john pen said:
I personally would also stay away from chain food in a fair setting. I can get that crap anytime. Id pay more for something that came from a guy with a smoker just to taste his product.. Id also rather have slaw or beans or cornberead than a cookie.

Yeah thats what Im saying just in much shorter form LOL

Would be easier to say getting a look at whats going on but u know how the people are in your area.... I wouldnt think u would have to measure things exacltly im just saying id pay a few more dollars for a big sandwhich from the little guy then the chain guy...ive seen people just throw the sammie together and theres a place here they put it into this cup container next to the bread and let u stuff it on the bread urself ... mabye thats an easier way for them to measure it...

Just my thinking is if u offer the meal deal and a 1/4lb isnt enough for me then do I gotta spend 8-10 to have two sammies two chips two cookies and two drinks or will I be able to get the meal deal and another sandwhich for a lower price...

Id have to agree with bob also dont get to extravagent with ur menu, u can push out alot more of a smaller menu... let me see here what as a consumer would be an attractive menu...

no meal deal except for the kids

kids meal 4.00

pp sammie 5.00

mabye 1/3lb ? dunno mabye some styrofoam cups would help decide what would look like a good size sammie.


1/4 4.00
1/2 7.50
full 15.00

soda or water 1.00
chips .50 given that they are vendor size chips

bowl of stew $2.50
bowl of beans $2.50

so for 6.50 at a fair I could get a sammie chips and a water ... I think that would be a sparkling deal expecially they way fair prices can be inflated...all these thing are of course depending on what your cost and time are. I think if your paying 1.00/lb for pork butt say a 10lber and u render 6lbs of edible meat from it 1/3lb sammies at 5$ a pop thats 90$ for a 10$ butt and if you wanted to put out the big half pounders you can still make 60$ for a 10$ butt not including time and buns of course

oh hell I have gotten way to much into this lol

anyway that looks like a decent menu... depending on ur area that is ... to me on what would make me come to ur booth instead of the chain guy and on the seller end what seems to be the easiest to push off the cart the fastest and make people happy and not wait in line ... okay im going to stop now lol
Yalls prices er to low. PP sammie $5, meal $7 an keep the cookies fer yerself.

Good quality Q will sell ifin folks can smell it! Keep yer sammies at a 1/4 lb, that be plenty a meat on a standard bun.

Good luck!
you really need to buy a Tablecraft, 4oz. Food Disher.... it's the one with the Grey handle... will save you loads of time when piling food on a roll
Heres my menu. Not saying it will work for you but wanted to give you an example. My sammies are about 1/3 lb servings on fresh baked rolls.
My PP sammie is now $5 and the brisket is now $6.

By imn88fan
thanks for all the help! We had a blast! We sold out and had people backed up down the sidewalk waiting for food. Had people come back to the grill to tell me how much they enjoyed the food. That is worth more than money to me anyday!!!! Sure, I want to make a little $$$$ but just knowing that people liked the food enough to tell me was awesome! Will get some pix loaded up soon!

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