Price of petrol/gas in your area?

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aussie girl

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Feb 1, 2005
Just curious about the price differences around the world. Its currently a major issue here in Australia, especially with the Federal Government taking 43% in fuel taxes which is included in our pump price.

Today the pump price in our town is $1.16/litre, which would equate to approx $5.22/gallon:angry:
If you try turning your Aussie dollars into pounds sterling, AussieG, you would REALLY feel the pain.... :mrgreen:

At a local garage yesterday it was £0.93 per litre = 4.546 to the gallon which works out at £4.23 per UK gallon. Although it is probably cheaper in other garages, it will only be by one or two pence per litre.

BTW - the US gallon is smaller than the UK galloon - at 3.785 litres to the gallon so equivalent of approximately US $6.23 @ $1.85 to the £ Sterling

Very, very expensive in the UK!:(
Back "down" to about $2.19 a gallon here. And me with the boat about ready to come out of mothballs... :blink:

We paid 2.08 for super unleaded in Indiana (USA). Regular unleaded was 2.13. Last week it was like 2.25 a gallon.
Our gas is running between $2.19 - $2.23 per gal. US dollar. And, i think this is ridiculous. We should'nt have to pay so much for gasoline. :angry: :chef:
Was in Turkey for the last 3 weeks. Gas was $7.03 per gallon American$. Used about $55 per day traveling.
$2.18 a gal. RonJon I hear ya, we have a boat. Filling the truck and boat to go fishing is going to be so much money going out to gas. It's getting a little rediculous!
Issaquah Wa... $2.30 - $2.40
truck is parked in the garage for the duration..... sadness. lol
It's $2.49 for unleaded here and we have 2 trucks and 1 car to fill on that. And $2.69 for Diesel which is what our Suburban runs on. It's just under $100 to fill up the Suburban so I switch back and forth between driving the car and the Suburban. More the Sub. now since one of the kids put their 1/2 full cup of steamed vanilla milk in the center console and closed the top - spilling it out. But...I didn't know about it until a few days later when we got in there to drive it again, the smell was horendous! I have not cleaned it yet. It's a nice thick goopy mess, I might just drive to the Chev. dealership and have them take the whole thing out - toss it - and get a new one. :ermm:
In MAssachusetts I pay $2.39 a gallon for super. Regular gas is $2.19 a gallon

If I travel 6 miles to Southern NH, I can save 6-12 cents per gallon.
Average price in Las Vegas is $2.52 for Regular. There is a place near my home where I paid $2.45 yesterday.

Whoo hoo (?)
some stations have it for $2.25 or more per gallon.
the speedway around the corner from me has it for $2.15 a gallon, which is a drop from the $2.19 it was yesterday.
It is $2.05.9 here to $2.23.9 per Gallon. I wonderhow much of a gallon of this gas is really water, they make a lot off adding water to gas. They need to keep track of that too. It shouldn't have rose 63 cents in the last 3 monthes.
Here in Eugene, my daughter paid $2.38 for regular unleaded last Friday at Costco, the Chevron was $2.48. Yesterday it was $2.61 at the regular stations. Hail to the oil cartel, :mad: :angry: someone is getting rich on this, however, not the average person. A lit of drivers here are leaving the car at home and biking or using the bus when they can. Yesterday when I was out on the bus, there were many more people riding. BTW the last time I was in Norway in 2001 they paid ~$5.75 per litre, and they pump all of their oil from the North Sea, but they have higher clean air standards when processing their petrol, unlike here.
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Ishbel said:
In comparison to Europe, you are paying a very low price for your petrol :cool:

You're absolutely right Ishbel. Americans in general don't like to hear it but, we've got it pretty good for gas prices. Even at $2.20 a gallon.


I would however like to talk to somebody about the $50 it cost me for 4 spark plugs for the boat!! :angry:

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