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Jan 25, 2005
Foat Wuth
Anybody try toting in a leather Motor Cycle vest with inside pockets? This be mainly for kewlish weather I think. Got a real good guy old biker chum who highly recommends the procedure and says I need to buy this one: ... -vest.html

But I was naughty and spotted this one: ... web1006986

Anybody got any expuriences along this line who would like to talk the Warden into the high dollar model? Or maybe its a faulty concept. Who knows? Hey Greg sure like my Smart Carry for when a person has to tuck in the shirt. Also got the Cross Breed which works great with shirt out. Thanks.
Jeff, I'd be happy to talk to the warden for you, just give me her number! I'm sure I could also talk her into you getting those leather chaps also!
yeah I went in thinking I was gonna get a 45, but he convinced me
the 40 was best for me. Good to people you can trust when you're spending
that kind of money.
Very nice Cappy. Old chum just bought a tiny 9 mm believe a person could carry in the shirt pocket if they wanted. Not Taurus but think some kind of new offshoot company from them maybe. Thanks for the shirt link Scotty. Thanks for trying to shuck my corn Nick. I will look into the chaps. Greg it will be for carrying on the person. Currently between the Smart Carry and the Cross Breed I can pack just about anywhere without a hitch...though have had a couple of folks give me a bump and realize I was packing with the Cross Breed under a long tailed shirt. Aint had anybody try to feel up my private area and stumble over the Smart Carry yet. Was looking into the vest as just another option for winter use. Or it just dawned on me your inquiry was for Cappy:) Hope he dont use it for making unauthorized bank withdrawls.
Greg Rempe said:
Is it just for home defense and range or are you going to carry as well?

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home defense, but I'm thinking about getting the permit. I've got a cheap little
25 in my car, but I wouldn't want to carry that. All it would do is scare some kids.

the new one isn't ideal for carry, but it is a compact and that's why I bought it.
Do you have to get concealed carry permits in your state(s)? Here they are optional. You can carry concealed without a permit. The only reason to get a permit is for travel to other states that are reciprocal.
Griff said:
Do you have to get concealed carry permits in your state(s)? Here they are optional. You can carry concealed without a permit. The only reason to get a permit is for travel to other states that are reciprocal.

Alaska and Vermont are the best it gets Griff :)
Hey Cappy for defense of the home aint nothing which beats a .12 Gauge loaded up with birdshot. If they are close enough to hurt you they are close enough for that birdshot to kill them deader than a hammer. Will not go through the walls and slay the neighbors as may be the case with a bunch of hand gun rounds. That little pistolo looks ideal for a hide out weapon to me...if a person was so inclined. Nice score. Sorry to hear yalls toting laws sounds similar to what we got. Little update on the motorcyle vest..the Warden loves me so much she let me pull the trigger on the high dollar official biker model from Sunny CA. I even gonna have them put buffalo nickles on the snaps. That cost twenty bucks extra..but I will be styling. May need to borrow that stubby forty to put on the offside to give it some balance:) If you wont give it I will try a pint of whiskey. That should do the trick.
I got a 12 gauge..this was for anyone who gets past it. Been
trying to train Simba the Wonder Dog to use the 25, but he's consistently
Figgured I better take it out of his hands.

As far as the vest, I like the expensive one, and you only live once. And you
ain't no spring chicken. Do the manly think and lie about it to your wife. In
the end, everyone will be happy.
Great advice Cappy. We think a lot alike:) Now if you want a good dog..which has been consistently shown to be the best home defense weapon known to need a long legged American Rotty. They love other animals and he would get along great with Simba. They are smart enough to know who needs biting and who don't. Now they have a long childhood which last two years. After that you got it made.
Captain Morgan said:
just picked up one these Saturday morning from our own Swampsauce..

Was very very surprised he passed the background check...

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