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Aug 25, 2004
alvin, tx
help...i'm doing coq au vin for 90+ at a church in about a week! that's no big deal but they want a complete menu in the morning for a newsletter. fever is hindering my creative juices. any ideas?

thanx a million.
Steamed veggies, Green Salad with onions, tomatoes and cukes with a Italian dressing and roasted potatoes?
Rustic Bread
Roasted Broccoli
Mixed Salad with Garlic Vinaigrette (or you might do various dressings)

Unless you just want to some kind of potatoes - I like the roasted potato idea and I also like a simple smashed potato with roasted garlic.

****sorry you are sick - hope you feel better soon :cry:
i like the rustic bread idea

I think a nice spinach salad with a sweet vinergrett and onions will go nice with this.
buttered herb/parlsley egg noodles, wild rice, rice pilaf or couscous
braised leeks
baby carrots & red potatoes
steamed asparagus (w butter & parmesan)
roasted brussel sprouts
Scallop potatoes or gratin
Panna Cotta dessert
Stuff the newsletter.

Just concentrate on doing the coq au vin.

I have not been able to get boiling fowl in my locality for at least twenty years. If you can get them (they are old laying hens who have come to the end of their day. Tough, fibrous and FULL of flavour), you will have enough difficulty preparing them.

If you still have enough energy left, make a french onion soup as a starter, serve with the best approximation you can find for real french bread in your locality.

You can serve the coq with boiled potataoes, or rice and a simple green vegetable.

A fruit salad to follow, or if the budget allows, some REAL cheese.

Check out the religion too. MOST will eat chicken.

But not Jains.

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