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Sep 17, 2019
Grilling is truly a lot of fun and takes a little time to learn. Safety is a big deal with children around even some bigger ones we call FIRE BUGS. So lets get safety tips out of the WAY FIRST.

NO Grilling Smoker Grilling of any kind inside a HOME or a CONDO not even on the Baloney, its completely unsafe.

The Grill and in most case you will buy in a box and have to put all the parts together or pay an extra fee to have the store do it all for you.
A Charcoal Chimney STARTER (Photo below)
The Basic three hand tools are as follows.
1. Grill Spatula
2. Grill Fork
3. Grill Tongs
4, Grill Brush
5. Grill Gloves

Before you get started even with a NEW GRILL right out of the BOX. Clean GRILL Grills Rack using a Paper napkin dipped in cooking Oil and wiped on with Tongs. (Doing this well help letter when clean up comes. Also helps to keep food from sticking to the Grill rack).
Always using two plates One bring un-cooked food and another clean plate removing the cooked food. (Here your trying to stop any Cross contamination called "Salmonella".

Staring the fire inside the Grill 101:
Now looking inside the grill you should have a TOP Rack Rail and some have and extra lower RACK that the Charcoals rest one top. Before lighting look for a HOLE in the bottom of the Grill as this is where the cooking hot oils from meats come through. Make sure to read your grills Instructions. Make sure whatever you have on the ground under the grill want stain bricks, wood while grilling.
Now were ready to fire up the grill, Make sure your a good 10-foot away from the House and no over handing trees, wood or anything that could burn.

Place the Charcoal Chimney Starter inside the Grill with one sheet of newspaper stuffed into bottom and Charcoals on top. Light paper without lifting up from grill. WAIT UNTIL ALL CHARCOALS are showing white ash "ALL OF THEM"
Once the paper has burned away and charcoals are ready empty and add some more new Charcoals on top of them. Place the TOP RACK back onto Grill which has already been oiled up with cooking oil. Close lied and fully open the little flow on top of Grill top so air and heat can fully heat up the coals.

In this part we all have a way of cooking that is our way. So as a fellow Grill'er I would like to share this book called "COOK'S Country" The Complete by the TV Show Cookbook as this will introduce some wonderful Barbecue recipes to your family and friends.
Good Luck be safe as it only takes a second for something to go wrong. So stay vigilant! and Enjoy.
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