Recipe: Spicy Sausage Relish (pic)

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Here is a brain-dead easy recipe for a great relish to top grilled sausage.


Well can tell you aint from Texas:) Aint nobody in Texas who eats ketchup or its derivatives on any kinda sausage or dawg except for kids. I know a few six year olds who like ketchup on there. Then we get so bold as to mention the word "Heinz"...which as you obviously don't know one of their daughters got hoodwinked into marrying that goofy giggilo name John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam in case he aint mentioned it enough himself). Somebody hand me the rope and hawg knife. :LOL:


ps..Might I suggest instead a healthy does of Frenchies Yellow Mustard and a large blob of sour kraut. Raw onyawns and garlic sprinkled over the top with half a slice of Kraft sandwich cheese. Now that is a real he man type configuration.
No, I ain't from Texas, but I've been there once. ONCE! And, that was just because it happens to be where Lackland AFB is (San Antonio).

Like I often say, the best way to see Texas is in your rearview mirror. :LOL:


P.S. Kraft sandwich "cheese"?! Talk about six year old memories. That's only for grilled cheese sandwiches. ;)
No no..the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich would need to be made with the Cheese the guv'ment give out to po old senor citizens back in the 80s. My dearly deceased DIL was in the old folk cheese bizness. He would pay them 10 bucks a stick and sell it for 20. Having honed up on my chemistry after them formative years I figgerd out whut it was. Land O' Lakes brand sharp Americkan extry melt. All the finest Mexican restaurants use it for every task to which cheese might be employed. I can buy a reasonable facimile through Sysco or Ben E. Keith but they want to do it in 50 pound increments. Would guess somebody who ate 50 lbs of cheese would get plugged up like an old widder lady. Whutcha think?

Well Boy...only yankee chili has tomaters in it. Real chili can have a little can of tomater sauce but that aint quite the same as using Heinz Ketchup made by John Kerry on hot dawgs and their assorted brethrens. My tummy is getting a little squeasy just thinking about it.

Ok but at least use Hunt's or Del Monte Ketchup. I had some Dubja Ketchup which was real good..but I used it all up. No aferred not on hot dawgs but on where it belongs such as on top of fried tates. I will even splain to any interested parties on the finer points of a delicacy invented out around Alpine called a Sul Ross Sundae...which revolves around Pet Milk Gravy on top of fried tates and covered with a lattice work of any kind of ketchup a person might like with the exception of Heinz.

Hill country Fair Ketchup ONLY!!! TEXAS the Lone Star State!!! Go home navaho!
I am big fan of mixing it up s well as traditional matchings of food. Without trying something new we would not have forum members making fruit salsas or even fruit based pepper sauces. There are to many ingredients available these days not to try something new.

But believe me, If I where out in Chicago I would not put ketchup on a hot dog as they may ask me to leave. :shock:
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