remember the marshmallows???

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Sep 1, 2004
well I'm doing them this weekend to put on the sweet potatos. I'm also making fresh green bean cassarole w/homemade cream of mushroom soup from Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook. Took someones suggestion, including making the onion rings. Fresh cranberry sauce from and scratch cheesecakes. Misc. other sweets (the cherries, cookies) all I'm misssing is some LIGHT teasers. I don't mind them getting loose before dinner, but don't want them drunk or stuffed! what are you serving besides the olives in the martini's??? (btw, have you guys tried the blue cheese stuffed olives???)
I have been thinking about what appetizers I would put on my table (for Thanksgiving, I usually resort to a block of swiss, brie, fresh pineapple chunks on toothpicks, grapes, clementines, crackers, some small chunks of salami but that would really be it, I want them to eat the Thanksgiving meal. My father would put out gherkins, cashews, olives, deviled ham on ritz. We always love a big fresh pineapple cut into chunks on the table to pick.
Southerncook, it sounds like you will be living in your kitchen the entire week, too! After tonight, I'm off for the rest of the week and plan to do exactly the same...and love every second!!!

This year, we are eating at around two o'clock so that the sons can be at work that evening. So I'll be serving a breakfast brunch to hold them before the actual meal. But in previous years, I've offered a large selection of cheeses and fruits, crudites tray and bruschetta, etc. for people to munch on and an open bar of highballs, wine and beer. A particular favorite drink, among the ladies especially, is adding champagne or vodka to POG, a hawaiiain breakfast drink of pineapple, organge and guava juices in a 3-2-1 ratio.
Wow - sounds like we all enjoy the "rush" from cooking! LOL

Audeo - if you find pear juice it is awesome with champagne.
mudbug said:
Champagne is appropriate at ANY time, but especially at breakfast during the holidays!!!!!

As always, right again!

I really enjoy spending huge sums of time preparing for a big feast! Some folks find great fun in hitting the malls and shops searching for bargains amidst the crowds... Me? Give me a well-stocked kitchen and a reason to be in there any day!
Audeo - we like the same things!!! LOL - DON"T even ask me to go to a mall - ANYTIME - but especially not the day after Thanksgiving UGH!!!

mudbug - LOL on champagne as an ingredient - I totally agree!!!!!! It's like - oh honey, I need 1 head of garlic............and 12 bottles of champagne :shock:
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