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Dec 20, 2005
southeastern pa.
Breaded Tilapia Fillets, Tartar Sauce, Parsleyed Red Potatoes, a bunch of Lefty Veggies............

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Skirt steak fajitas. Craig made the marinade for the meat and cooked it on the Weber. I made the guacamole, cooked red bells, onions, and poblano peppers, toasted the tortillas. Mexican crema too.


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Lucky, is this the start of a song title theme?

We had some of the leftover Indian food. It reheats really well.


I've got a Rib Eye
(I should say this is HALF of huge steak
from Costco and it's still 3/4 pounds!!! )
going on as trial #2 in my spankin' new
Instant® Accu Slim Sous Vide as well a large Russet in
the hot oven. A chopped Salad will round it out.

Oh, and for dessert later, Ice Cream with Trader Joe's
Triple Ginger Cookies :clap:
Gotta Go Noodles: Stir fried noodles, left over sous vide thighs, spicy sausage, mixed veg. Fridge is ready for more provisions.


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Made pineapple upside down cake today. Hey, it feels Hawaiian, and therefore gives warming vibes in this frozen popsicle we call home.

Dinner was pan fried bacon cheese burgers and guacamole with tortilla chips and salsa.
I make a ham and leek quiche with some of the leftover ham. We like ham, but some of you are probably thinking that this is the ham with no end! Anyway, the quiche was delicious, the crust was tender except for a couple edge parts that I worked too hard...and an equal size ball of crust was made into an apple galette for the neighbor across the way. Except that he never called/texted me to say he was going to pick it up. Not sure it will make it intact to tomorrow. Maybe I'll bake one for him this weekend... spankin' new
Instant® Accu Slim Sous Vide...
You crack me up each time I read a post where you list the entire product name. It's like the company pays you for promoting them. :LOL:

Wait, what? Does it work like that? :ermm: And can you tell me how to make $$$ that way? :mrgreen:
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i've got a rib eye
(i should say this is half of huge steak
from costco and it's still 3/4 pounds!!! )
going on as trial #2 in my spankin' new
instant® accu slim sous vide as well a large russet in
the hot oven. A chopped salad will round it out.

Oh, and for dessert later, ice cream with trader joe's
triple ginger cookies :clap:




Pulled premade portions of crab enchiladas and Spanish rice from the freezer. Heated and topped with fresh avocado and sour cream. Added seasoned refried beans.

Peach pie with ice cream was dessert.

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Stew and a glass of red wine for dinner and chocolate pudding for dessert.



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