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Dec 10, 2010
I can't go grocery shopping for a couple of days and I have some ingredients in the pantry that seem like they would be good if only I knew what to make from them.
These are the ingredients, if anyone has any ideas that would be great!
Thank you in advance;
About 1 1/2-2 cups shredded mozz cheese
sliced pepperoni
Morning star meal starters (like ground meat but veggie-style)
tomato sauce
diced tomatoes in can
1 can of small enchilada sauce
1 thing of ricotta cheese
Brown rice
Cream of Mushroom
wild rice
thai noodles
tostada shells
mashed potatoes
elbows rotini
egg noodles
sliced cheese
uncut carrots
some canned veggies (corn and carrots)
and I have some homemade bread but can always make more and I have just about everything you need to bake with; baking powder, flour, sugar, etc)
If anyone can hook me up with a few ideas that would be awesome

Thank you
I'd take the tomato sauce and tomotoes and make some sauce (saute some garlic [if you have any, if not use garlic powder] in some olive [or any] oil, then add the tomatoes/sauce, simmer until thickened) and make some pizza (mozz) or a baked spaghetti/rotini (mozz and/or ricotta)!! Maybe even add the carrots to the sauce. Have along with some toasted homemade bread!
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How about calzones with your ricotta and mozz, using either the pepperoni or your morning star, browned and seasoned with fennel and pepper. Make a marinara with your tomato sauce for dipping.

Maybe a shepherd's pie with your morningstar, some of your veggies and the mashed potatoes.

Make a salad with some of your fresh carrots: slice diagonally or into coins, blanch and cover with a marinade made from equal parts vinegar, sugar and water, brought to a boil with the herb of your choice (mint or tarragon are really good. Dill works well). Chill for at least a couple of hours to develop the flavor.

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