Said goodbye to an old friend today...

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Gary in VA

Head Chef
Mar 15, 2005
McGaheysville, Virginia
...My Weber Silver Gasser.... We hadn't spoken in two years anyway.... and when I uncovered her she was full of mold and in pretty nasty shape.

A friend of mine adopted her and took her home to give her the TLC she deserved. His friend died the other day and almost set his deck on fire. :shock:
Gary in VA said:
[quote="Nick Prochilo":1uchfi49]For a minute I thought you got rid of your vibrator! :shock: :shock: :shock:

That was last week! :mrgreen:[/quote:1uchfi49]

After he chipped a tooth on it!
Is it not funny that after trashing a grill or cooker you think of all the jazz you cooked on the thing? Or is it just me.
I can still think back of the $2.89 grill I picked up in the late 70's with a bag of match light. :LOL: That poor bastard cooked a ton of food. I see them in the store, pick the stupid thing up, then put it down. Guess I need to get my "man cave" done so I have something to hang on the wall. :D


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