Santa brought me a Fagor Electric Multi Cooker

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Jun 19, 2008
Half Moon Bay CA
Oh I just LOVE new toys. I've read the threads about pressure cookers, but I have a few questions about recipes. I've learned from my searches (I found missvickie-HOLLAH!) and I've learned the differences between the pressure cooker purists, and people like myself who want it all in one appliance. The booklet that comes with the cooker has 40 recipes, and many look quite good. There seem to be differences in cooking methods between the "pure" pressure cookers and the electrics. I'm thinking that the recipes are not interchangeable . I need more recipes for electrics! When I look at the directions for stovetop pressure cookers, then I look at mine---they don't exactly translate: I'm not sure what buttons I need to push on the electric to get the same results. Help me, O culinary gods and goddesses (and divas and divos, too). If y'all have any TNTs for multi function electrics, would you mind sharing? Pleeeeeese??:flowers:

And Happy New Year!

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