Saturday's Supper? (13th January 2024)

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I'm curious about your substitution. I don't see any mention of green beans on the recipe card, just the Brussels sprouts. But, I don't see any sprouts in any of the pictures. I do see green beans. Does that mean they let you make substitutions inside a kit?
They will offer a "Customization" on some kits. This one did. I opted for Brussels the instructions are given for them, but the PICTURE still shows green beans. Make sense?
I'm not sure my translation is correct, but this is a typical Southern Italian Sunday roast dish:

Stuffed pot roast (the beef cut is probably top sirloin or tenderloin🤔), cooked in tomato sauce for two hours. (in the photo, it all looks overcooked , darker than it really was, I assure you it wasn't 🙂)

That was the second course, the first course was "bronze-cut" rigatoni served with the same tomato sauce.
Very yummy!

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